Jared scolds himself for screwing up so much.

The Doll House | Until Dawn Part 10
Upload Date September 13th 2015
Series Until Dawn


Synopsis Edit

Chris and Ashley are back in the cabin, looking for Sam, who got captured because Jared screwed up. Chris walks into the cinema room, not allowing Jared to do so. Jared likes how the theater looks. A door slams, and Jared wonders why it keeps happening, and comments on a door slamming on him.

There are psychopaths, ghosts and zombies! Jared criticizes Chris for talking to spirits earlier, but not believing in ghosts. Some crashes happen, and something flies by, but Jared couldn't see it. Ashley looks into a doll house. Jared scolds himself for screwing up again. Ashley sees a ghost that looks like Hannah. Jared tries to follow the path where Sam went.

Ashley finds a key. Jared goes back to open the doll house. The characters look at the doll house. Jared thinks that Josh could have set it up. Jared reads the diary. Ashley interrupts and starts reading it. Jared can read more than Ashley can, and Ashley closes the book before he finishes! Jared gets the diary to read it again.

Jared realizes that Sam would have been found in this room and they would have been find. A zombie appears, and then disappears. Ashley finds a camera, and insults whoever is watching. Ashley takes the scissors, and the butterflies appear.

Jared would be OK if his psychologist was dead. Jared doesn't know what to choose, and ends up making fun of Hannah, and Jared realizes that his decision was wrong. Ashley finds fake newspapers, and Jared looks over his clues. Ashley works out what is going on, and Jared admits that he was resorting to zombies and stuff. Jared likes how they explained how the TV was turning on and off.

There are images of the kids on the walls, and there are X's over Emily's face, but not Josh's. Neither Matt's or Jess' faces are here and Jared asks why they are missing. They aren't showing who is dead - because Josh is dead, and we only think Emily is dead. The projector is turned on, and Jared wonders how they got such good camera angles. Jared compliments the good editing.

Jared checks out his stats again. Jared has to choose to follow Chris rather than following Sam. Butterflies are shown, and the clown face is shown. A manikin is shown with Sam's clothes, and Jared wonders why it has the clown mask. Sam is found, and she isn't dead! Jared realizes that this is a trap, and Chris is taken out.

The clown mask guy appears, and Ashley hits him. Jared realizes that this was the punch totem. Jared wonders why the clown mask guy reacted the way he did. Jared checks his butterflies. Jared is worried knowing what will happen next time.

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