Hana is drunk at the fashion show and is sabotaged by Mimi.

The Fashion Show | Asagao Academy w/Atelier Heidi #12
Upload Date May 5th 2016
Series Asagao Academy


Synopsis Edit

Hana is drunk at the fashion show because she is an idiot. Jared is disappointed in her. Kakusu is weird. Hana's dress is shown. It doesn't look good. Heidi notes that it is not Hana's fault that her clothes don't fit her. Jared gives a thumbs up as his in game character gives to Hana as she walks down the catwalk. Heidi yells asking where the staff have been this whole time.

Jared's fashion show is terrible organized. Jared is still sparkling even with the bag over his head! Heidi called it as it is revealed that Mimi got Hana's dress wrong, and that the color of the dress was wrong. Jared thinks that Hana was drunk because they didn't eat the macaroon.

McPasta finds that Hana had been drinking, and Jared looks uncomfortable as he reads the text. Jared knows that he is knocking at the door. Heidi wonders why nobody is calling Jared out on his bag. It is revealed that Knabenbaurer isn't Jared's real name! The game calls itself out for Jared calling himself Japanese, when he was white. Jared and Heidi find this hilarious.

They reach chapter 4. It is their last chance to make this up.

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