Jared tells a story about how his players came up with a very elaborate trap using the random crap they had.

The Most Elaborate Trap - D&December Tales
Upload Date December 13th 2016
Series D&December


Synopsis Edit

Jared asks how much useless crap do the players buy? How much of it do you use? This story comes from third edition, where one of Jared's players used all of it. It was during a one shot. Jared discusses the plot, where the players had to go into a lair. One player bought everything he could like wax, chalk, a pot, a flask of acid etc. He never used a lot of it until one certain moment. Jared discusses the gnome slaves. The gnomes thought they were helping out. The players talked to the gnomes.

They convinced one of the gnomes that they want to meet his master. One of the players creatively used his map as a bluff to convince the gnome. They will kill the master when he returns. The party member who bought all the crap decided to lay out the ultimate trap with all his worthless crap.

A fishing net would be used to throw at him, making it hard to move. The net would be weighed down with tanglefoot bags. They would explode into goop. Some wax was melted down to shove into his mouth. Chalk was grinded up and shoved in his eyes. Caltraps would be laid at his feet. A flask of acid was placed on a pot at the top of the door. They also found a way to light him on fire. The door itself had a sword sticking through it, so they would be pierced by it when the door was shut on them.

It took 45 minutes to plan. Jared, as the dungeon master was just sitting there taking it all in. They wait for their prey, and he walks through the door, and the trap is triggered. Trapped underneath all the stuff was the burning body of the gnome they asked to send for help! That was Jared using their word against them, because their words were when "someone" walked through the door. They didn't explain who.

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