Jared takes a long time to figure out how to get through Blameless.

The Rod is Loose ¦ Blameless #1
Upload Date October 28th 2016
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing Blameless, a horror puzzle game of sorts. A cutscene plays. There was a lot of exposition for something that could have been summarized in a few sentences. There is blood on the floor, and Jared wonders if it is his. "Nah, that's just brick dust."

Jared sees that he needs to press B, and eventually he looks at the blood. The character walks very slowly. The door needs a door-handle. Jared tries to open the door with a clamp. Jared investigates the messy room. The graphics are great for an indie game. Jared finds a phone and a hammer. Jared tries to open the door with various tools and objects.

Eventually, Jared finds the attic. "Because nothing bad ever happens in attics." Jared skips forward to when he figures it out. He tries to saw some wood. "No one saw that coming!" "I guess its not hammer time!" Jared makes a remix out of the text. "I guess that was a pipe dream!" The pipe eventually bends the wood, and Jared figures he didn't clamp the wood all the way. "The rod is loose! (Remix).mp3"

Jared finally opens the attic door after an embarrassingly long amount of time. Jared walks around the attic and complains about the crouch controls. He finds the way out and finds a wallet.

Jared tries to open another door with boltcutters, but they are broken! He finds the tiny screw. Jared fixes the boltcutters, and opens the door. Jared is surprised when he finds a door that opens. Jared finds a flashlight that he holds incorrectly. He holds it upright like a torch - which it is to some people! "The more you know!" Jared reads a note that is read to him super slowly. The voice sounds like it was not made in one take.

Jared is outside and he tries to solve what he needs to do. The game does appear spooky, and Jared wants to finish it as it is short.

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