Top Ten Dicks in Gaming / Top Ten Dicks CENSORED
Upload Date Original: April 1st 2015

Censored: April 6th 2015

Series Top 10's

Link Original:


Jared made an April Fools Day video for the Top 10 Dicks in Gaming. Originally, the video was titled Top 10 Boobs in gaming, and the thumbnail was an image of breasts. After the censored video was released, the title of the video was changed to Top Ten Dicks of Gaming, and the thumbnail was replaced.

Warning: due to the nature of this video, viewers may not want to see the - uh, images. Watch the censored version instead if you don't want to see dicks.

Synopsis Edit

Boobs are everywhere in video games and they are stupid, so Jared has made a top 10 dicks instead!

10. The Order 1886. Some people are having sex, and then the guy gets a gun and lets his dick hang out. 

9. Volvo - Soul Calibur. Volvo's dick is so good it's bound up. It bolges out and he uses it in some of his attacks.

8. Grand Theft Auto IV. The guy turns around and bam! Face full of dick. Jared suggests to manscape it.

7. King of Chosmos - Katamari. His dick is so huge, you can't help but stare at that bulge. Jared comes up with a new idea for a Katamari game. The king has a boner and it wipes out all the stars in the galaxy.

6. Outlast. Other people's dicks can be scary. Your own though, is pretty sweet. It isn't 'rock hard', but considering the player is strapped up with someone trying to cut his legs off it is totally understandable.

5. Dante's Inferno. The devil pops out with his dick going down to his knees, and he's already 50 feet tall.

4. Atari has plenty of porn, and isn't afraid to put some dick in it. There are two naked girls at the bottom, but that dude is jacking off.

3. Saints Row 4. The sex appeal meter increases the size of the character's dick.

2. Stroker. The game where you have to stroke a dick, and it isn't your own. 

1. General Custer. This guy is rocking three pixels.

Censored version Edit


This version has Jared covering up the dicks that are shown in this video with pictures of himself. During the Outlast (6th) section in the night vision scene, the picture of Jared's face is also green like the rest of the image. Images of naked women are covered by Ross's face.

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