It's the end of the year, so Jared makes a Top Ten Games of the year because everyone has to, and people like lists. Jared's list is based on the games he has played the most, rather than the better scoring games.

Top Ten Games of 2012
Upload Date December 26th 2012
Series Top Tens


Synopsis Edit

10 - Xenoblade Chronicles - The US didn't get the game until 2012, so Jared allows it to make the cut. It has great gameplay, presentation and lots of stuff to do allowed Jared to keep on using his Wii. It was the Wii's best release all year.

9 - Mass Effect 3 - Yes the ending was bad. Shut up. The game was great. Jared enjoyed the multiplayer. It's not as good as Mass Effect 3, but there has been too much emphasis on its shortcomings.

8 - Smite - Jared didn't get into League of Legends, so Jared is surprised by how much he enjoyed Smite. The third person camera makes the game feel more fast paced, and action oriented. The developers actively listen to the community.

7 - Resident Evil Revelations - This is the best 3DS game out there. The graphics are impressive, the 3D is well done, and the gameplay feels like how a Resident Evil game should feel like. Each enemy is a threat, rather than being swarmed. This proves that Capcom knows how to make good Resident Evil games.

6 - Dishonored - The game feels different every time you play it. Everyone plays the game so differently and can share their own unique experience. Jared likes stabbing people.

5 - Journey - It is the best co-op non-game he's ever seen. It has one of the most gripping stories Jared has ever seen despite having no story at all. The human interaction makes the game compelling. Jared enjoys how the landscape looks - and the scarf.

4 - Mark of the Ninja - This is the best stealth game Jared has played in years. There are more mechanics here than in most 3D stealth games, and better rewards for not killing enemies. The game is a challenge the whole way through.

3 - Dragon's Dogma - This game has a lot of problems, but this is the most fun Jared has had in an RPG in years. There is a lot of variety and customization, and Jared had more fun here than most AAA games.

2 - XCOM Enemy Unknown - Jared was a big fan of the original XCOM games. There was a lot of in-depth strategy and tactics and the game is difficult. Jared doesn't mind having to start over. All the game options make the game feel less repetitive, and the combat is important.

1 - Legend of Grimrock - Jared was impressed with this game. Jared is surprised that there aren't more dungeon crawler games out there today. The exploration is excellent, finding secrets is rewarding and every monster is dangerous. Jared likes the unique puzzles.