Jared continues playing E3 with a fanmade RPG, bullet hell, dungeon crawling from Touhou Project series named Scarlet Curiosity.

Touhou Scarlet Curiosity - Let's Play E3!
Upload Date June 19th 2016
Series E3 2016


Synopsis Edit

Jared plays the E3 demo of Touhou Scarlet Curiosity. The Touhou Project series is usually known for their hard shoot-em ups. A large part of its dedicated fandom is known from its variety of fanworks including high-quality animes and fangames. This is RPG is one of the fangames, an acclaimed one at that, that got ported to PS4 and localized as part of a project named "Play, Doujin!". Jared plays as a young-looking, 500 year-old vampire named Remilia Scarlet. He tries out his attacks. Jared is expecting the game to turn into a bullet hell game. Jared finds a bullet hell section, which is what he was expecting and avoids all the glowy bits.

Jared checks out his skill list and the menu screen. Jared likes his new attack - the Demon Lord Cradle. He introduces the meter bars at the bottom of the screen. Jared discusses the moves that he has and how using them affects the battle.

Jared jumps into a portal, and is heading towards the boss.

Jared gets a Castlevania vibe when he kills monsters. He thinks his inventory is full, and he doesn't know why he can't pick up an item. He tries to throw items away, but ends up having to give up on it. Jared discovers that he needs to pick up some of the items up with his attack button. He heads back to the other one. He finds a speedrun tactic to jump and dive constantly.

Jared finds a secret, and finds the chest that he wanted to find. He already has the item that he found in the chest. Jared gets Trident Break and wants to check it out. He prefers his current attacks.

Jared gets to the boss - which is a kid? Jared stated that he watched other people have trouble with this boss, but with the items Jared found, he is finding it a lot easier. After eventually winning, Jared states that he really enjoyed the game.

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