Tragg using Knock Off against a Kecleon
Species Machop/Machoke
Status Dead

Caught Level 16, Route 112, Part 11
Died Level 28, Fortree City Gym, Part 18
Killer Gym Leader Winona's Altaria
Biggest Success Evolving
Death Quote "OOOooOoh god, Oh my fuckin'...No, Come on!"
Tragg was a male Machoke Jared caught in his Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke series. Despite not appearing in very many on-screen battles, Tragg had a decently long lifespan.

As a Machop: Tragg was mostly only used in off-screen training as a Machop, however, he was used a little bit on-screen during this stage. The few battles Tragg participated on on-screen include a battle against Pokemon Trainer May and a battle against Team Aqua Grunt and Aqua Admin Matt.

As a Machoke: One of the few things Tragg managed to do as a Machoke before falling to his fate is defeating a wild Kecleon, which was Jared's encounter for Route 120.

Tragg fell in the battle against Gym Leader Winona. Tragg was sent out against Leader Winona's Altaria, which used Dragon Breath, taking about 1/3 of Tragg's health, along with a paralysis. The Altaria continued to use Earthquake, and Tragg hit back this time with Revenge, doing minor damage to the Altaria. Tragg was then killed by an Earthquake.

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