Jared reaches the final world of Kirby's Adventure where he fights a lot of bosses, and tries to find all the secrets.

UFO GUN ¦ Kirby's Adventure #4
Upload Date January 23rd 2017
Series Kirby's Adventure


Synopsis Edit

Jared is getting closer to the end of the game. Jared kills himself after needing fire. Jared tries to get a mix, but can't do it. Jared gets the UFO. It works, and he gets the secret! Jared fights the bomb enemies. Jared destroys everything with a hyper UFO. Jared fights minions with his gun. Jared goes back to find the secrets he missed. Jared fights the gorilla, but they kill each other!

Jared finds the secret he couldn't find earlier in the ship. There are a lot of steps involved in getting it. Jared finds another sneaky door. Jared fights Meta Knight. Jared questions the plot of this game. Meta Knight looks stupid without his mask.

Jared arrives at the final world of the game. Jared bounces lasers off the walls into enemies. Jared has to beam everything to find secrets. The game tricks Jared by not allowing him to break the final block to the secret.

Jared fights a boss rush. He gets beaten up in the first fight. The next two battles he beats quickly, but then is killed to the gorilla. Jared does not like coconut. Jared gets thrown around by the turtle. Jared gets through all the other bosses, before reaching the top of the tower, and plummets to his death after missing the warp star!

Jared goes back to get the hammer so he can get the secret in the previous stage. He gets the hammer back, but loses it and dies. Jared hates himself. Jared smashes his way through the blocks and gets to the secret. He finally makes it to the secret.

Jared reaches the sleeping level. Jared complains about the ice. Jared uses hyper through the stage. Jared tries to use ball and is doesn't end well. He uses tornado instead. He gets killed trying to slam into an enemy. Jared tries to be cool with a fireball, but messes it up.

Jared finds a cool level that involves gravity. He dies several times to the gravity traps. Jared finds a fuse, but is attacked by a fireball dude that keeps on respawning. The enemy keeps on ruining it. Jared messes it up on his own. Jared gives up on it. The door says that he didn't miss a secret.

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