Ulindap using Headbutt on Fibboo
Species Zigzagoon/Linoone
Status Unknown

Caught Level 13, Route 117, Part 10
Died Never
Killer None
Biggest Success Evolving
Death Quote None
Ulindap was a female Linoone Jared caught in his Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke series. Ulindap was the only Pokemon that was left in box when Jared lost the nuzlocke to Winona that Jared had ever used in battle.

As a Zigzagoon: In terms of on-screen time, Ulindap had very little as a Zigzagoon, because soon after she was caught, the video cut to when she had reached level 20, evolving into Linoone.

As a Linoone: Ulindap didn't do very much as a Linoone either, mainly only assisting in the captures of Cordy and Fibboo and only leveling up once during that time. After Fibboo was caught, Jared had boxed Ulindap for Fibboo once he got back to a Pokemon Center.

When Jared had whited-out out to Winona, Ulindap had been left in the box along with several others, never to leave again.

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