Jared plays Overwatch as his favorite character from the game, Diva.

Upload Date August 17th 2016
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing Overwatch. Jared likes playing as Diva, and is happy that she has been given some buffs. The game takes a long time to search for a game.

Later that day - 15 seconds to be exact, Jared finds a game. Diva is cute. Jared doesn't do what the people in the chat want. Jared admits that he is not good at Overwatch. Jared starts shooting at the enemies. He jumps into a mech suit, and doesn't think he is doing well. He tries to sneak from behind. He ends up being seen and is killed.

He gets into the fight again. He can now actually kill others without killing himself! He kills several people, and doesn't know how he managed to. Eventually he is killed himself.

He launches himself back towards the fight with his jetpack. He misjudges what he got himself into, and is killed.

Jared scares everyone away from the mech suit machine. He kills a person. He is killed by someone high in the sky.

Jared runs towards an enemy and starts shooting, before running away. Jared stays away from a group of enemies, and he gets killed. He thinks he may have been the only person in there, but he sees a few others on the replay.

Jared blocks a lot of attacks, and kills a mech. Jared is put to sleep, and questions how a robot can be put to sleep! Jared gets killed. Jared doesn't want to play as a reaper. Jared hates when people shorten words when they speak when they don't need to.

Jared is put to sleep for a long time. He kills several people. He bonks someone on the head with an exploding robot. He is soon killed from above. Jared thinks he should have kept hiding.

Jared needs to get back into his robot form again to kill more enemies. He finds more health, and launches his robot into the fight. Jared is killed, and explains that he doesn't necessarily have to kill enemies. A distraction may be good enough.

The game goes into overtime, and he tells the person on chat to shut up. Jared pretends that people are telling him that he did a good job. He reaches level 22, and unlocks a loot box. Everything in the loot box was dumb.

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