Vluro using Echoed Voice on a Pichu
Species Pikipek
Status Dead

Caught Level 3, Route 1, Part 1
Died Level 11, Hau'oli City Marina, Part 1
Killer Captain Ilima's Smeargle
Biggest Success Defeating Captain Ilima's Yungoos
Death Quote "VLURO, NO! f- shi- What!? How is he faster!?"
Vluro was a female Pikipek Jared caught in his Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke. Vluro was a good member of the team and was also the first Pokemon Jared caught in the nuzlocke.

Vluro was primarily used for Bug types since there were a handful in the beginning areas. However, Vluro was also helpful against Dark, Normal, and Steel types since she knew Rock Smash. Some of the biggest feats Vluro pulled off throughout the nuzlocke include defeating Pokemon Trainer Hau's Pichu and Litten single-handedly, defeating Teacher Emily's Magnemite, and defeating Captain Ilima's Yungoos.

Vluro fell in the battle against Captain Ilima, being switched out into to fight his Yungoos. Despite taking quite a bit of damage, Vluro was able to defeat the Yungoos with Rock Smash. Up next, however, was Ilima's Smeargle, and Vluro was immediately out-sped and killed.

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