Jared, Josh and Austin take down the new Deviant monster, Drilltusk Tetsucabra.

WHAT IS HE DOING!? (Drilltusk Tetsucabra Hunt) ¦ Monster Hunter Generations
Upload Date August 1st 2016
Series Monster Hunter Generations

Armor Set Armor Set: Zinogre

Weapon: Obsidian Sword Hunter Style: Guild

Synopsis Edit

Jared panics as he is about to be stomped on.

Josh and Austin are happy to be here as they both stomp the ground. None of them have fought the Drilltush Tetsucabra before. This is a deviant monster. Jared has no idea what to expect. Jared forgets to eat! Josh can see the monster, and it looks very intimidating.

They find and start fighting the Drilltusk. Jared gets a large rock thrown at him! Austin gets to mount the Drilltusk. The drilltusk falls into a trap. The tusks are very tough. The Drilltusk gets away.

They find it again, and Jared wonders what it is doing. It jumps into the air and attempts to body slam Jared, but misses! Another horn is broken off. Austin explains that the falling rocks kill you, and Jared asks if he hasn't learned anything from D&D. Austin mounds the Drilltusk.

The Drilltusk is knocked down, and Jared slashes at its face. Josh pushes Jared out of the way of the Drilltusk's attack. Austin keeps on getting hit by a giant rock. The Drilltusk leaps into the air again and body slams all of them! Jared faints, and Josh is badly hurt! Austin is excited that they had a death!

Austin tries to block the body slam. It doesn't work, and he almost dies! Jared laughs at him. The drilltusk creates shockwaves. Jared gets a Large Toad tear after the drilltusk leaves. Austin tries to set a trap, but it doesn't work, so Josh does.

The drilltusk is killed. They check out its weapons. The chest plate looks mean. It looks like a Predator face!

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