Jared sends the Waffle Crew on another adventure, this time into Eye of the Beholder.

Waffle Crew Returns! ¦ Eye of the Beholder #1
Upload Date December 20th 2016
Series D&December


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing Eye of the Beholder, one of the more well known D&D games. Jared played it a lot on consoles. Jared is playing the DOS version. Jared tried his best to create the entire Waffle Crew. Jared shows everyone's stats. This game will be similar to Dungeon Hack, as it is a dungeon crawler. They are within the city of Waterdeep and are investigating the sewers.

Jared finds an enemy to fight. Jared decides to play the Super Nintendo version's music in to lighten things up. "Now we have the best of both games!" Jared finds many dudes to fight. Jared fights some gross worm enemies.

Evelyn blesses the party with the scroll they just found. Jared throws rocks and knives at kobolds. Jared shows how to open the doors with a rock. Jared struggles with the controls as he fights worms. Evelyn is unconscious. They rest for almost a whole week. Jared finds a key and two doors. He chooses the left door, and pushes through another door. Jared solves a puzzle by placing a dagger into a slot.

Evelyn can use Turn Undead on a zombie. Jared finds some stuff including rations and potions, and another key. Evelyn can now use an axe. Another scroll is found, and the party fights more undead. Paultin has a sling, and has to stash rocks. They rest for Diath.

Jared finds an illusion wall and becomes lost. Jared explains that he kept on getting stuck on the SNES version. He always got stuck in this room. Jared shows what is happening. There are teleporters in this room. Jared still has a hard time with the teleporting puzzle.

After getting out of the teleporting area, Jared can open another door. Jared throws a rock to a pressure plate to bypass a pit. Jared confuses himself, and walks around the pits again. Even the map is hard to read! Jared drops down a hole, and takes some damage, before finding a potion of healing.

Jared finds a magical stone dagger. Jared uses Detect Magic on the area, which doesn't last very long. It shows that Strix's spellbook is magical! Jared finds a shield. Jared fights a worm after messing with his inventory. Jared is wondering around, so decides to end the episode for now.

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