Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.16.30
Weplus using Boomerang
Species Cubone
Status Dead

Caught Level 16, Glittering Cave
Died Level 26, Route 11
Killer Brains & Brawn Frank & Sly's Mr Mime
Biggest Success Defeated both of Leader Korrina's Lucarios
Death Quote UP-Ehhhh....DOIIII-DIE!!*Pant*...*pant*...

Weplus was a Cubone Jared caught at Level 16. Weplus was found and captured in Part 10 (put into action later on in Part 11, of which Jared was thrilled about owning his second Cubone in all of his Nuzlocke plays. Because of this, he based her name after Jared's first cubone, Wepler.

Despite the high octane care from Jared of strengthening and grinding to give Weplus more levels, she did not participate in many important, key fights. She participated mainly in wild and standard trailer fights (including a failed attempt at Rising Star Manon's infamous Solrock and Lunacone), as well as landing the final blow on Leader Grant's Tyrunt.

The largest success Weplus conceded was single-handedly defeating both of Leader Korrina's Lucarios in the predating their gym fight. However, like several other of Jared's Pokemon, she met her fate at the hands of Brains & Brawn Frank & Sly's Pokemon.