Jared reviews World of Final Fantasy.

World of Final Fantasy Review
Upload Date November 15th 2016
Series Reviews

Score 7/10

Synopsis Edit

World of Final Fantasy is designed for fans of the series. This game is filled with familiar characters, locations and in jokes. Jared discusses the story. It's basically Final Fantasy Pokemon. All the characters have unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and different conditions for capture. They all transform into different creatures. Jared explains that transformations can be switched between, removing grinding.

Jared discusses the stacking mechanic. This can be used for strategy. Enemies can come in stacks too. Stacks can also fall over and become stunned. Jared wishes that more enemies tried to topple the characters. The game is light hearted. Jared mentions the summons and champions. Familiar characters and locations are used throughout the series, including lesser used characters.

There is nothing from Final Fantasy 2, 12 or 14, but otherwise they are great with solid voice acting. The plot and dialog is not very good. The game dumps plot all over the player. The game becomes super serious or ridiculous. The main characters are stupid for the sake of comedy. The game has a very long start with long cutscenes and explanations.

Even this is egregious for Final Fantasy. The story needs to be ignored to fully enjoy the game. There are a lot of side quests and rare monsters. Tougher dungeons can be found after the game. Jared enjoyed the game apart from obvious frustrations.

The gameplay is simple, and Jared grew fond of it, but the story is a encumbrance rather then a reward. Jared called one of the characters ice cream, and was excited as they grew up to be awesome.

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