World of Tanks - Revengeance
Upload Date April 25th 2014
Series none


Jared has returned for some more World of Tanks after his first video. He is using footage from his gameday with fans.

Synopsis Edit

Jared thinks it would be funny to see a tank drive into the lake in order to force a draw. The player does this, and maniacal laughter ensures. Jared then discusses the updates that have been added to the game. Jared states that with clan Nuptup (Nuptp), he will fare a lot better in battle.

He is killed within seconds in his first game. Jared hides in some bushes, and assists in the kill (4% damage!). He gets too excited, and gets hit, but manages to get a kill. He walks into a field, as is quickly killed again.

Jared shoots multiple tanks without being killed, shouting BAGOOM! with every hit. By the fourth match, he successfully kills a target and survives the entire match.

In match 5, Jared comes up with a great target to sneak up on some guys and shoot them. His first shot misses. It works out OK though, despite being sneaked upon as well, as his team comes to help. Jared wants to capture the flag with another team mate, and so he does to take his team to victory.

Jared finds a car, and decides to crush it. Jared becomes much more confident at the game. He finds a bunch of enemies and begins shooting, onto to catch on fire and burn to death. His team still won though - and Jared won several achievements.

Jared gets another shot from a long distance, and wins yet another match to the point where he has to point out that he's not editing the video to make it look better. He then loses the next match.

Enemy tanks are everywhere. He ends up in a long distance fight, and catches fire again.