Worth a Damn: Shovel Knight
Upload Date April 10th 2013
Series Worth a Damn


Worth a Damn was a show that only lasted two episodes which was similar to a review, but would be more of a first impressions video of a demo for an indie game on Kickstarter instead. Both games on the show were indie games.

Worth a Damn: Shovel Knight Edit

Jared was showing off Shovel Knight when it was on Kickstarter. Jared played the initial demo that was available. He described the game as being inspired from Mega Man, Castlevania and DuckTales. The game adheres to an 8-bit universe, rather than using it as an art style. Jared was hoping to see the down-stab bounce mechanic for platforming. The bosses were tough. Jared found the level he played to be very enjoyable and liked how many secrets there were.

Worth a Damn: Volgarr the Viking Edit

Worth a Damn: Volgarr the Viking
Upload Date May 24th 2013
Series Worth a Damn


This game will kick you in your goddamn teeth! It takes inspirations from Rastan and Ghouls and Ghosts. It also has Castlevania elements, as you get introduced to new enemies, before being put into different situations with them. The game requires perfect jumping. You can create ledges with your spears, and Jared was very pleased by this. The game is very unforgiving.