XCOM YouTube Team - Part 2
Upload Date November 13th 2013
Series XCOM YouTube Team


Jared continues to play XCOM Enemy Within with his team of YouTubers. Just like part 1, Jared is playing alone, but all of his characters are named after his YouTube friends.

Synopsis Edit

A UFO has been discovered in the United States. However, it's huge, and Jared doesn't think he can take it on. Instead, he goes to Nigeria. Jared sends in Brutalmoose to do the task. The game interrupts him, and he goes to Brazil instead. His team includes The Completionist (Assault), Caddicarus (Heavy), ProJared (Sniper), JonTron (Heavy) and SpaceHamster (Support).

Jared's first shot misses, but JonTron gets a kill straight away. SpaceHamster is shot and killed. Caddicarus is also under heavy fire. JonTron continues to destroy enemies, while everyone else misses. The Completionist takes another one down. New aliens appear who turn invisible. The alien chokes JonTron as everyone misses. Thankfully, it gets destroyed.

The second seeker comes from behind the team, and JonTron destroys it. After a miss into a wall, Caddicarus manages to get a shot off, and JonTron injures one of them and it is soon taken down. Floaters appear right behind the team. Jared sees one, and gets everyone to shoot it. Eventually, it gets taken down. The mission is complete.

SpaceHamster is being healed, and Jared is taking Dean along, now that everyone else is injured. Jared arrives at the next mission where he has to find Brutalmoose. Brutalmoose is defending a tower alone, as the enemies arrive. Jared is horrified at how many enemies there are. Dean is taking a lot of fire. Jared's team continues to miss the targets. A grenade is thrown at The Completionist, and Dean is shot and killed, followed quickly by The Completionist. Even more guys show up.

Everyone continues to miss their targets. Jared is frustrated and aborts the mission.

SpaceHamster returns to the battle. Jared heads to China, as the situation there is not good. The current team is Caddicarus (Heavy), SpaceHamster (MEC Trooper), ProJared (Sniper), JonTron (Heavy) and PeanutButterGamer (Support).

SpaceHamster destroys the first enemy on his first turn. Another alien is taken down as floaters appear. SpaceHamster continues to destroy enemies as a 'disc with grabby hands' appears. It gets shot, but it has a lot of health. It then explodes on SpaceHamster and JonTron. Everyone now fires at the grabby hands. Big mutants appear, and SpaceHamster sets them on fire. SpaceHamster becomes heavily wounded. The final mutant is destroyed. Mission complete. Jared really likes having a robot on his team.