Zimzy using Spark
Species Plusle
Status Dead

Caught Level 13, Route 110, Part 7
Died Level 35, Fortree City Gym, Part 18
Killer Gym Leader Winona's Altaria
Biggest Success Defeating Gym Leader Winona's Pelipper
Death Quote "NO ZIMZY! NO! ohh...ohhh"
Zimzy was a male Plusle Jared caught in his Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke. While Zimzy may not have been one of Jared's best Pokemon, he had a decently long lifespan in the series.

Jared used Zimzy as his go-to for most Flying-types and sometimes Water-types, although he had more Pokemon to deal with Water-types, such as Ghim and Rolic. Zimzy had various good successes throughout the series, such as defeating Pokemon Trainer May's Wailmer, defeating Aqua Admin Shelly's Carvanha, and defeating Gym Leader Winona's Pelipper.

The battle where Zimzy defeated Leader Winona's Pelipper was the same battle he fell in. After her Pelipper had been defeated, Winona sent out her ace, Altaria. The Altaria had taken a little bit of damage from Cordy's Stealth Rock, and Zimzy followed that up with a Discharge, which did decent damage to the Altaria. After that, however, the Altaria used Earthquake, killing Zimzy.

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